Hey there! Im Molly. I started crafting jewelry about 4 years ago in Vermont's Mad River Valley. This is where i began to develop a love and appreciation for precious gemstones and metals.


Since then, I have been working to develop a deeper connection of the earth's natural treasures.. stones, sea glass, shells, feathers, and ferrous metals. You name it, I want to make into something you can wear.. In hopes that you feel a little more connected to the earth when you purchase a piece of my jewelry.  

As of now, I am located back in my hometown on the southern coast of New Jersey, with a huge chunk of my heart still in mountains of VT. Having the best of both worlds, the sea and mountains, has inspired so many different styles of jewelry pieces over the last few years. 

I recently started to expand my knowledge of metalsmithing and jewelry design by taking classes in the field and researching my craft everyday. I thank you so much for your support of my small business and for helping me pursue my passion!

- Mol



Please allow up to 3 weeks to receive your package. Most pieces are made-to-order by hand by me (only). Some pieces take 3 days some take 3 weeks.

Unfortunately, I work two other jobs and may not be able to get it "in time for someones birthday in 5 days" as much as I wish I could make that happen for you!

Also please note there are two shipping options NON TRACKING $3 and TRACKING $6. So please do not purchase the NON TRACKING and then inquire about the location of your package.

Once again, your purchases and support is more appreciated than you can imagine.Thank you for your understanding that i am a one person business !